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25 February 2018
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Cosplay Chats & Events

Come chat with me while I wear one of my favorite Cosplay Outfits!

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Sexy Costumes, Accessories and more! All Costume purchases come with a special thank you selfie, and the options to buy a photoset, video or skype chat!

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Custom Costumes!

Help Me Pick a Sexy Costume!
Now, if you have a certain Anime Girl, Video Game Heroine, or Movie character you would like to see me dress up as, you can send me a request and I will do my best to put together a great costume!
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About Me!

What My Site is All About

Hello I am Anju Anime!

I am an Asian Transgender girl (MTF) who loves to make fun & sexy selfies, and I especially love dressing up in cosplay costumes!

It is my dream to start my very own online cosplay business. But, unlike many of cosplay stores you see, I actually want to model as many (if not all) the costumes for my store. This is why I have started my Patreon Page & this website. Every Pledge will help me that much closer my dream of my very own store, while having a lot of sexy fun as well.

In My Shop you will find many of the cosplay items I like and would love to model for you in. When you purchase a costume, I will send you a special selfie of me wearing it, to say thank you. Or, you have 3 other options: Photoset, Video, or even a Skype Call. Once an items is purchased, it will no longer be available for sale, because I only need 1 obviously.

You can also see all my other photos & unlock the Patron Posts by becoming a Patron at and help me get that much closer to my dream.


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